A Guide To Select The Right Golf Clubs For Your Play

As soon as you realize you like golf you feel the urge to rush out and buy all of the necessary equipment. After all, you can’t play at your best if you don’t have the right clubs. However, you shouldn’t let that urge of excitement force you into buying sub-par golf clubs. Your clubs are a significant investment that should stick with you for some time to come. As you spend more time playing the game you will learn exactly which clubs are best for you. In one of our previous articles we have put together a list of ┬ábest golf clubs for 2017

But how will you get started if you don’t buy new clubs immediately?

Ideally, you should start playing with borrowed clubs or purchase a set of used clubs. A set of used clubs should come with a putter, multiple irons, and at least three woods. A driver can be beneficial, but it’s not necessary at first. Spend time playing with these used clubs as you learn the game and learn yourself.

Purchasing A Beginner Set

The next logical step is to purchase a basic beginner’s set of clubs. Don’t rush into buying the top name brand set or a complete custom set of clubs just yet. There’s a chance that you’ll quit playing the game before you can even take advantage of such a nice set of clubs. There’s also a chance you’ll find that you prefer different clubs or a different style. A basic beginners set will include a standard driver, usually 3 wood clubs, four iron clubs, and your putter. It should also come with a carrying bag.

There isn’t a huge variety of beginner’s sets. You’ll obviously need to choose between left-handed or right-handed sets. There is also some differentiation between men’s and women’s. Finally, you may need to choose between graphite or steel for the shaft. A steel shaft is your best choice.

What Golf Clubs You Will Need as a Beginne:

Advancing To A Full Set Of Clubs

You’re advised to spend at least a year playing with your beginner’s set. That should give you enough time to come to terms with your personal playstyle. And, by that point, you know you’re dedicated enough to the game to invest in a more expensive set of clubs. Buying a full set of clubs is a great way to improve your game as well.

A full set will include your driver, several kinds of wood, and a few more irons than a beginner’s set. The exact numbers will vary, but there should be a pitching wedge at the low end. A full set won’t usually include a putter. These need to be purchased separately.

Despite being called a full set there are actually some clubs that will not be included. Those are referred to as specialty clubs. Those include certain wedges, extra woods, and long irons. You won’t need those at this point. It’s a good idea to focus on learning the new full set of clubs before branching out and investing in specialty clubs that don’t see much use.

What Is a Set Of Golf Clubs:

Adding Those Specialty Clubs

By this point, you should have spent plenty of time playing golf. You will be able to tell when you are ready to advance and invest in specialty clubs. They can improve your game, but not if purchased too early before you are ready. Specialty clubs serve specific purposes and may not see any use throughout an entire game.

An example of a specialty club is a lob wedge at 60 degrees. These are perfect for hopping over nearby trouble. You may also prefer long irons like the 1-iron over some fairway woods. There are also some clubs that combine wood and iron elements. Similarly, there are high woods, such as a 7-wood, that can be used in place of low irons like a 3-iron

Choosing the right specialty clubs is a difficult task and requires really understanding your playstyle. You are only allowed to carry 14 clubs with you on the field, which means each club should have a purpose.

Adding Draw and Fade to Your Golf Club:

Investing In Better Clubs

Over time, you’ll likely seek out better and better clubs. That is when you’ll start paying attention to the biggest brands in the game. You’ll also start considering the small factors, such as grips, stiffness, and shafts. You’ll consider the difference between cast iron and forged iron. You’ll choose between graphite and steel for entirely new reasons. Congratulations, you are becoming a serious golfer and will be investing in only the best clubs on the market.