A Beginner’s Guide To Buying A Basketball Hoop For Your Driveway

 To show off your crazy court skills at home, it is important to find a hoop that suits your needs.
Regardless of whether you are helping your future playmaker improve their game or are looking to shoot some hoops in your free time, a basketball hoop can become a cherished part of the house for the whole family.  But where do you begin?  Which hood is best suited for you and your needs?
To choose the best hoop, you need to take certain factors into account ranging from the backboard material to the hoop location.  There are currently various styles and combinations available on the market, so let us take a shot to find the type that best suit you.
1.  Location Is The Key
Before purchasing a basketball hoop, you need to find an area with plenty of space.  The ideal area would be a flat, paved location and this is why driveways are the most popular option.  If you choose to place the basketball hoop along a sidewalk or street, be sure to keep street safety as a top priority.  In fact, some neighborhoods prohibit the installation of basketball hoops on these spaces so you should check with your borough before making any moves.
2.  The Types Of Hoops
When you know where you will be placing your basketball hoop, then you should begin looking at the different types available.  Each of these hoops has benefits with different designs created for different players:
• The In-Ground Hoop
The in-ground hoops are fastened to the ground with cement making the ideal option for families who expect the hoop to be a part of their home for several years to come.  This type of hoop tends to feature adjustable height settings making it able to accommodate players of various heights, sizes, and skill levels.  It is also highly durable and stable.
• The Portable Hoop
The portable hoop, also known as the stand-along hoop, is a unit with wheels made for portability.  This portability feature makes it easy to move the hoop around and accommodate the game.  This type of hoop presents with bases ranging in both size and capacity, typically between 27 and 40 gallons, while other hoops come with a base that is weighed down.  Many portable hoops offer height adjustability settings making it ideal for younger players who will continue to grow.
• The Mounted Hoop
The mounted basketball hoop is the most common hoop and involves a backboard with a hoop mounted onto the structure.  This hoop is typically placed on the exterior wall of a home or a garage.  The design allows one to create a court with limited room and offers a high level of stability.  Unlike the other hoops, the mounted hoop is placed at a fixed height; however, there are some that can be adjusted to suit the individual’s height.

3.  The Backboard 
The material utilized in a backboard will influence how the ball bounces off it and will determine the hoop’s overall level of durability.
• Tempered Glass
The tempered glass backboard is typically used at the professional level.  This type of backboard material offers players a similar spin and bounce on the court to the ones they’ll find at the gyms.
• Acrylic
The acrylic backboard offers the appearance of glass but at a much cheaper price.  This material is lighter than glass, so it does not need much support.  Most experienced players notice a different spin or bounce than they would see at the gym.
• Polycarbonate
The polycarbonate backboards are highly durable items and offer a similar bounce to the acrylic backboard.  This is the design most suitable to the outdoors as it can withstand the elements.
In the video below you can learn how you can make your own baskatball backboard at home:

When choosing a backboard it is also important that you take into consideration the size of the board.  The sizes can range from 44 inches to 72 inches, which is the standard size at the professional level.  Smaller backboards, typically those between 44 and 54 inches, are ideal for a standard two-car driveway and can save on space.  The 60 inch backboard is a perfect midway option and will save on space while still offering size for banking shots.
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